High Specification Pump Components Vapour Blasted

Fabricated and machined pump assemblies

Cheshire Pump Company Limited Cheshire Pump Company is part of our business. A customer asked us to improve some of the components from high specification pump project using the Vapour Blasting process

The assemblies had been made from raw materials so had been machined, welded and tested

The parts are high grade alloy and stainless steel. Manufacturing had left some marks and discolouring. Following testing with die penetrants and non-destruct testing they were ready for finishing prior to final assembly

The goal was to acheive a uniform finish across the parts and remove discolouring from welding prior to final assembly and testing

Following Vapour Blasting, the customer was very happy with the results and we are expecting to grow our activities with them

Vapour Blasting has the effect of removing any surface oxidation which may be problematic for the treatment of high grade steels and alloys.

Parts made from high grade materials may need pickling or passivation following manufacture. Vapour Blasting enhances this process by removing surface contaminents that may have been left during manufacture