About Us

The Old Brickworks, Bakestonedale Road, Pott Shrigley SK10 5RX


Vapour Honing UK is part of Cheshire Pump Company Limited (CPC) https://www.cheshirepumpcompany.co.uk established in 2005

In 2017 we decided to develop the business into other areas of interest. As motorcycle restorers and racers we understand the requirement for this process. Vapour blasting is not just for restoration work but for all types of industrial and engineering processes

Vapour Honing UK will grow over the next few years most importantly bring you a wider range of products and services, if there is something you would like to see, tell us about it, we may be able to help

We use the name Vapour Honing above all because it describes the process. Vapour honing is more refined than other vapour blasting processes so we purchased the best equipment we could find

We only use equipment manufactured in the USA by Vapour Honing Technologies (VHT) supplied via their agent Aquanife. We have no commercial connection to them

VHT is a fantastic resource of product and process knowledge and their equipment is excellent in our opinion