2 Stroke vapour blasting engine parts

This competition motorcycle barrel was in quite good condition. Although there was quite a lot of oil and carbon deposits as you would expect, it was in good condition overall

This item is a complex part. Coming from a 2 stroke engine it has inlet and exhaust ports as well as transfer ports and water galleries

With this in mind we took a great deal of care to get inside the part. We vapour blasted at various angles to ensure it was like new. As an alluminium casting, we used our standard glass media (see this page)  Vapour Honing Process

MX barrel before cleaning

Once we completed the vapour blasting process we found little damage and barely any wear, therefore it is ready for inspection and measurement by the engine builder

MX barrel after cleaning

This was a trial project to see what results we could achieve. The client is very happy and we will be working on the rest of the engine shortly