Laverda SF750 Restoration

This Laverda SF750 is a 1971 model. We wanted to compete in the Vintage Motorcycle Club BEARS F2 class as we already race a 500cc Laverda in F3 class and are former class champions and three times runners up

After to some racers from the 1970’s, the decision was that racing this model is not a great idea. It has drum brakes and the early engine was a little under powered. Later versions that had disc brakes and more power. The bike was owned by the Laverda family so it has good provenance

The initial thought was to fit a battery and simply get the bike running and see what we had. A little more thought and we decided against this and to start a sympathetic preservation. We pulled the motor out for complete overhaul, as you can see, the engine and the rest of the bike were in pretty shabby condition

Laverda 750 SF1 Laverda 750 SF1 engine removedLaverda 750 SF1 engine Laverda 750 SF1 drum brakes

After inspection and testing, the bike needed a complete overhaul although we found the engine was surpisingly good following dismantling

Laverda 750 SF1 engine following blasting Laverda 750 SF1 lower crankcase after blasting Laverda 750 SF1 cylinder head after blasting Laverda Delorto carburettors after blasting

The bike is nearing completion and we will have it back on the road soon